Integrity, Efficiency & Teamwork

Veteran Systems provides multiple capabilities in each of its global Lines of Service. These capabilities are optimized to directly support each Line of Service, but are not unique to, and are often duplicated, across many lines. Many of our capabilities are listed below. While this list is comprehensive, it is also dynamic and changes regularly.

Linguist Services
Veteran extends interpretation, translation and linguist services in support of U.S. military missions and exercises. Our goal is to implement innovative linguistic tools, equipment and software for the most accurate and efficient results. We have access to an expansive network of experienced military and business professionals; native-speaking linguists and translators who possess subject-specific expertise who can help you accomplish large-scale personnel deployment and sustainment core competencies.

Facility and Logistics Services

  • - Vehicle Leasing
  • - Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Services
  • - Facilities Management/Operations
  • - Facilities Repair
  • - Facilities/Infrastructure Maintenance
  • - Security Management and Access Control
  • - Shipping and Receiving
  • - Software Development and Integration Services
  • - Supply and Purchasing
  • - Supply Chain Management
  • - Supply Point Distribution
  • - Power Systems, Utilities and HVAC
  • - Warehouse Management and Distribution

Information Technology & Network Communication Services

  • - Communications
  • - Engineering Design and Support Services
  • - Enterprise Network Operations
  • - Full Lifecycle Network Management
  • - Information Assurance
  • - Information Technology and Knowledge Management Services
  • - Information Technology Service Management (ITSM)
  • - Network and Communications Operations and Management
  • - Network Defense/Security
  • - Network Management
  • - Network Security Operations/Cyber Security
  • - Network Systems Installation and Activation
  • - Systems Architecture Engineering and Development Services
  • - Technology Refresh and Modernization Services
  • - Telecommunications Expense Management Services
  • - Testing and Integration Services
  • - Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services

Veteran Systems has the global reach and global resources to execute complex construction projects in challenging locations in Africa. Veteran Systems can self-perform construction or act as the construction manager on large or small projects in various industries.
Veteran Systems self-perform construction approach enables Veteran Systems to control the critical path schedule and provide cost and performance benefits to its Clients.
As construction manager, Veteran Systems carefully selects the subcontractors based on their history of safety performance, execution excellence and financial position.
Veteran Systems proven technologies, systems and work processes provide optimal results for Clients. Veteran Systems construction management approach is fully integrated into the engineering and design processes to optimize project execution.
Construction management activities include:

  • - Overall management
  • - Planning
  • - Contractor coordination with respect to safety, cost, schedule, quality and scope
  • - Inspection and control of all construction activities.
Developing project specific plans for sequencing construction logistics and activities, throughout the project cycle, helps achieve both focus and accountability while simplifying site interactions.

200Monthly Orders
50Monthly Clients
24Hours a Day